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Concert Choir joins "Tenore" on their 'Christmas With You' Tour

MEI Junior Chorale performs with "The Tenors"

The MEI Junior Chorale sang, and actually danced, away the evening on a phenomenal show
with internationally famous, multi-platinum award winning group, “The Tenors” at Abbotsford
Entertainment Centre on Friday night. They renewed an old acquaintance with the group, formerly
called “The Canadian Tenors”, from 2007 when the MEI Concert Choir performed with the Tenors.
The Junior Chorale girls sang on 3 of the Tenors hit songs and danced the fantastic audience to
life on the tour’s title song, “Under One Sky”. Audience members were extremely appreciative and
the girls were treated like celebrities and heard many great comments about how they “sounded like
angels” on the opera piece “Nessun Dorma” and “sang beautifully” on the hit song, “Con te Partiro
(Time to Say Goodbye)”. Photo credit: Paul Funk  

Tenors and Junior Chorale on stage at Abbotsford Entertainment Centre

MEI Junior Chorale performing with The Tenors!

Latest Information for Singers

Performing Arts Accessories:
September: Scarves (white) - purchase cost $15.
                   Vest and bow tie rental - $15 per year
                   Sr. Choirs - dress rental - $25 per year

Performing Arts Shirts:
September: Please have a cheque to "MEI" to order your shirt (Women:  $40; Men: $40). 

 2 Week Rehearsal Schedule

Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday
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Choir Classes Concert Choir Junior Chorale Concert Choir Junior Chorale Concert Choir
AM NO Bel Canto Chamber Singers
YES (7:30)
  Bel Canto Singers
YES (7:30)
NO Chamber Singers
Notes/Events      Grad Ceremonies -
CC (6:30 pm)
   Grad Banquet






Bring your pencils and music to every rehearsal!

Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
June 20 21 22 23 24
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AM NO Bel Canto Singers        
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