Junior Chorale - Listening Assignments

          Score for "Crucifixus" - Antonio Lotti (pdf)

21 Crucifixus - Chamber Singers 1997.mp3

Music Listening/Comparison Assignment #1
(Due: TBA) 

Listening pieces: “Crucifixus” by composer - Antonio Lotti
Write a 1 page review (typed, full sentences) reflecting/comparing the above pieces. Listen to all of them with the purpose of discussing some of the items at the bottom, or other items you hear.  
1)      Listen to the MEI Chamber Singers (1997) version, all the way through twice
(while following the score) - link above for the mp3 and the score.
2)   Then listen to: a)Crucifixus (Lotti) - King's College, Cambridge
3)      And listen to: b) ♫ Antonio Lotti, Crucifixus (The Tallis Scholars) ♪
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys9W4Jgc9eg (dead link)

Discussion ideas to help focus your listening:
                   Vocal Style differences – why?
                   Differences between 3 groups (vocal, structurally, etc.)
       Overall sound: dynamics, vocal tone, blend/balance of voices/sections, vowels
                        “thoughts, feelings, emotions”